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acknowledgement of contributions to the group

This page is here to acknowledge contributions, either past or present, to the group as a whole. Individual projects pages will have credits for major contributors to specifically those projects. If you feel you or someone you know should be mentioned here, or there should be more information, let the webmaster know.


Yaakov was responsible for providing the impetus to actually start the group. In other words he kicked Somni until he went and registered with the Perl Mongers. Yaakov was also responsible for bringing in many other people to help set up services and get things going. He also provides advice, inspiration, ideas, and bots. If anyone can be said to be the leader of this bunch it's Yaakov.


Somni was responsible for actually registering the group, and is responsible for setting up and maintaining most of the services, including the web server and site.


In the initial months after was created DrmWeaver donated some web server and mail server space. While we are not currently using those services we appreciate the help he gave us.


In the initial months after was created we migrated services from DrmWeaver's system to a box given to us by kismet, provided solely for the purpose of hosting While we are not currently using the box any longer we appreciate the donation. Kismet remains a fixture in, helping out with projects and offering advice and ideas.


After a brief hiatus on the repurl project Azhrarn offered to setup a CVS tree for it. While we are not currently using the service we appreciate the time and effort it took to set it up.

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