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Q. Why join a virtual Perl Mongers group when I have one locally?

A[1]. The exists because the IRC communities need a place to create some persistence. We are about creating facilities and services that make this ideal a reality. If you want to be a part of that then please start participating.

A[2]. This isn't an either/or choice. You can be a member of and your local Perl Mongers group. Get out with your fellow geeks now and then. But remember, you spend a lot more time interfacing with people on IRC. Wouldn't you like to improve the quality of that time?

Q. Are you for real?

A. We sure are, maybe more than you! We are also a genuine official .PM with everything that implies.

Q. Whose screwy idea was this anyway?

A. The official application was submitted by Somni (#perl, EFNet and Rhizo). Blame him.

Q. What does it cost to join?

A. Nothing! There is no membership fee at this point. Most likely there will never be, it doesn't seem to fit the IRC model. We may, however, be setting up something to accept donations for help with future projects. If and when collects any money it will only be with a clearly written set of by-laws or constitution and full disclosure of how the money will be handled. This is a decidedly volunteer effort and no one expects to be paid for it, just as no one expects to pay for it.

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