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hangout for Perl hackers and regulars


Description (top)

MagNet #Perl is a hangout for Perl hackers and regulars (current and past) of EFNet #Perl. The channel is primarily used as a chat channel, where the regulars discuss a wide range of topics. Sometimes the topics have something to do with Perl, quite often they don't. You may be able to get help with your Perl question, but you will probably be better served asking in one of the other Perl channels.

Rules (top)

There are no real rules in MagNet #Perl. Typical rules of IRC etiquette apply. Occasionally one of the ops will get offended and simply kickban someone with little or no warning. However, the large majority of the time everyone simply says what's on their mind, and if someone says something objectionable they simply get shouted down or ignored.

Bots (top)

  • purl - flooterbuck infobot
  • nopaste - paste bot
  • workbench - experimental bot

  • purl (top, bots)

    In spirit this is one of the original infobots. She inherited her database from EFNet purl. However, this purl uses the flooterbuck source, with modifications by several of the channel's regulars.

  • nopaste (top, bots)

    This is the channel's paste bot. The paste form for #Perl can be found here.

  • workbench (top, bots)

    This is dngor's experimental bot. It's actually an interface to several bots in the backend. One of the bots does some minimal channel maintenance, and another does language analysis of what's said in channels. It's on several channels (including #poe and, on several networks (including MagNet and EFNet).

    It is also known as workbensh on some networks.

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