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Description (top) is the administrative and discussion channel for projects. It's available on several networks, including EFNet, Freenode, Undernet, and MagNet ( There should be a relay bot on each network called r|, so even if you don't see many people in the channel there may very well be members on other networks.

Rules (top)

There are no real rules on, just be polite and follow normal IRC etiquette. There is no real power structure, either; ops are handed out based on if you're known or not. It is mainly to be used as a discussion channel for the site and projects, as well as friendly chat, and is not really intended as a help channel for Perl.

You are free to bring experimental IRC clients or bots into the channel, as long as it doesn't become a nuisance. If you are using an experimental IRC client, and you are normally given ops, we ask that you warn us so we won't give you ops.

Bots (top)

There are various bots in the channel, with new ones coming and going at will. Given one of the projects is repurl it will probably have a larger number of experimental bots than most channels.

  • purl - infobot
  • r| - relay bot
  • knowpaced - paste bot
  • workbench - experimental bot

  • purl (top, bots)

    This is one of the original infobots. She (that's right, she has a gender, shut up) has been hanging out in EFNet #Perl for a long time, so she's collected quite an attitude. Quite often she'll interject in the middle of a conversation; sometimes it'll be funny, sometimes scarily appropriate, sometimes off the wall, and sometimes it will make no sense whatsoever.

    The repurl project intends to replace this very bot. Currently purl is only on EFNet, but once she gets replaced she will probably show up on several others.

    The purl you see on MagNet #Perl is actually not the same bot, it's not even based on the same code. See MagNet #Perl's page for more information on that purl.

  • r| (top, bots)

    This is the channel's relay bot. You will likely see quite a bit of text from this one; it's connected to all of the networks official channels have been setup on. It's pretty obvious when what it's saying is a relay from somewhere else.

    If you hang out on many of the networks r| is on, and wish to join on each, then it can get pretty annoying seeing everything said multiplied several times over. The simplest solution is to ignore it on all but one of your networks, then just watch the window for the server you haven't ignored it on. Fortunately the ident and hostname do not vary.

  • knowpaced (top, bots)

    This is a paste bot provided by the #Perl Mongers. It currently resides on two networks; the EFNet page is here, and the Freenode page is here. It is in many channels so be sure to select the appropriate channel when you submit a paste.

    If you would like us to provide knowpaced for your channel feel free to contact us about it.

  • workbench (top, bots)

    This is dngor's experimental bot. It's actually an interface to several bots in the backend. One of the bots does some minimal channel maintenance, and another does language analysis of what's said in channels. It's on several channels (including #poe and, on several networks (including MagNet and EFNet).

    It is also known as workbensh on some networks.

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