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updates: channels, news archive, credits, wiki

In an attempt to avoid the thorny problems brewing in the FAQ system I decided to add some new content. Newly added are: the page, the EFNet #Perl page, the news archive, and the credits page. Technically the page isn't new, but I hadn't mentioned it before, so it's new to you. The wiki also underwent some changes.

I attempted to upgrade the wiki from the ancient CGI::Kwiki to the new and improved Kwiki. Unfortunately this didn't work; there is some weird problem with the Spiffy, Spoon, and IO::All modules. I took a look at Spiffy and, I have to say, I have some serious misgivings about that module.

I then attempted to move to twiki, but the way the code is setup it didn't want to work quite right with the way my system is layed out.

At this point we have the same old ancient CGI::Kwiki, but I've added the RCS backup feature back in. Unfortunately, due to the fact that we haven't been using it for a while, I could not get it to work with the existing RCS repository. I finally simply wiped it out, so we have no history of changes back to the beginning. Ah well, so it goes.

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