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Contributing to the Site

The web site is our biggest asset. It provides a central location to store all of our information relating to projects, and it provides a convenient location to point the people we're helping to. Because of this the site is intended to be regularly updated, be it with news items, new FAQ entries, wiki pages, and new static pages.

As features are developed contributing to the site will become much easier. High on the todo list is setting up the FAQ system to allow users to submit and rate FAQ entries. The intent is for this system to become a high-quality edited FAQ that you can rely on and refer to. Unfortunately, this system is not yet in place, so if you have a FAQ entry you'd like to see put in place be sure to contact the webmaster.

The wiki has a todo index of content that we would like to see. There are instructions there on how to go about using the todo list and contributing your efforts.

Contributing to Projects

Each of the projects pages has information and links on how to go about contributing to it. Unfortunately, like many other things on the site, this section has not been filled in. That in itself is something to do, so visit the wiki or and dig in to whatever catches your interest.

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